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GraphQL Data Layer

Simple Queries

Since Jungle works during build time, to query data in your Svelte files only a QUERY and a QUERYRES have to be added inside your script tags <script> const QUERY = ` query { posts { title slug } } `; const QUERYRES = {}; ... </script> Then access QUERYRES like any other variable {#each QUERYRES.posts as post} ... {/each}

Dynamic Route Queries

For dynamic routes (those named [param].svelte), multiple routes can be generated from one route file, for blog pages, doc pages, etc. For example, with a blog route named [slug].svelte, script code could look like <script> const QUERY = ` query { post(slug: "${QUERYPARAMS['slug']}") { title subtitle author slug } } `; const QUERYRES = {};
const QUERYPARAMOPTS = ` query { posts { slug } } `; ... </script>
Jungle processes QUERYPARAMOPTS first, and in this case gets all options for slug from posts and makes a new route based on each option, filling in QUERYPARAMS['slug'] for each new route. The dynamic route parameter can be anything, as long as it matches up in QUERYPARAMOPTS and QUERYPARAMS for use in generating new routes.