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Why Jungle

Jungle was built to be the static site framework for Svelte. It generates completely static code that doesn't have to be hydrated into a single page application, or SPA. If you're looking to build an SPA or a static site which hydrates to an SPA, check out Sapper. However, Jungle was built to have some of the best features of Sapper while leverage tools which Sapper doesn't, such as:

The Jamstack

By compiling down to a truly static site, Jungle takes advantage of better performance, easier scaling, and higher security. Write great, simple code that can build to a static site that can be hosted anywhere. Read more about the Jamstack here.

Get started


We're always working on updating Jungle to be the best framework for static Jamstack sites. Check out our source code and some of our current todos here.


Visit the Contributing page to find guides on how to start contributing code to the junglejs package, or even just helping write docs or blog posts here.